Morphic Resonance – Canvas


In 2020 freedom has been heavily influenced by a few big factors: the Covid pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the LGBT+, to name a few. As a response TivoliVredenburg and Bud are having an exhibition from December 2020 until February 2021 about the question “What Does Freedom Look Like?” with a variety of 15 visual art projections on the walls of TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht.
Link to exhibition: Canvas – TivoliVredenburg x Bud
“Morphic Resonance”, one of the 15 pieces, is a personal animation that has been build in a meditative intuitive form. I believe that freedom comes from within. Only if we can truly forgive and accept life, our past and our present; we can become whole.  As a major challenge as this is, we will eventually let go of our identity and be able to dance into the future without any form of fear, but in pure freedom.


By Selwin Vervoort
Client – TivoliVredenburg and Bud
Preparation, guidance and projection setup – Mr Beam