ReleaSing Voices

Voice Awakening, Connecting and Liberating. The Magic of Singing, Vocal Expression, and Connecting Together Through Sound.

Unlock the potential of your voice! We will flow through music and movement as a door into unity and consciousness. In a harmonious and playful atmosphere, we’ll explore a diverse array of techniques to attune to our unique frequencies, release stress and to empower holding space.

We will break through our comfort zones and expand the boundaries of expression. By combining improvisation and playfulness with learning and practicing musical fundamentals, we create a dynamic environment for growth and creativity. This workshop is designed for all skill levels, from beginners new to music to seasoned professionals eager to explore and play through a variety of techniques. Join us to discover new dimensions of musical expression and creativity.

Deepening Nature Connection

Unleash Your Senses in the Wilderness and Weave a Deep Connection with Nature into Your Life. Are You Ready to Unravel Her Secrets?

Nature is our teacher, but how do we learn to understand its language? In a conscious yet playful manner, our workshop delves into enhancing our sensory awareness, the basic principles of survival, and building a relationship with nature. Through skills drawn from wilderness survival and indigenous tribes, we cultivate a profound bond and unity with the nature within and around us. Join us on this journey to deepen your connection with the natural world and discover the secrets it holds.

Contact Improvisation Essentials

Movement is Medicine. Discover the Essentials of Contact Improvisation Dance

Contact Improvisation has been a transformative practice for me, allowing for deeper self-connection and fostering conversations and connections through movement. It is a physical dialogue with the heart, other beings, and the space in-between. This practice helps release mental challenges and patterns, while also nurturing a profound connection through physical touch. Join me to explore the healing power of movement and the enriching experience of Contact Improvisation.