Music moves us, connects us, heals us, and releases stress and blockages. My journey with music goes beyond mere performance; my intention is to create an interactive experience that co-creates with participants and viewers, fostering a deep sense of connection and transformation.

Genre. The music I create and perform encompasses a diverse range of styles, including medicine music, meditative soundscapes, rainbow songs, chantings, and vocal improvisation. Each performance is a journey designed to resonate with the hearts and souls of those present, inviting them to delve deeper into their hearts or join in the creation of a shared musical experience.

Music Accompanist. I provide musical accompaniment at events, workshops, and ceremonies, bringing a rich tapestry of sounds to each gathering. As a multi-instrumentalist, I utilize vocals, guitar, handpan, percussion, and various other instruments to craft a unique sonic experience.

Facilitation Workshops. I facilitate workshops focused on voice awakening, connecting, and liberating, helping individuals discover the power and beauty of their own voices. Participants will flow through music and movement as a doorway into unity and consciousness. In a harmonious and playful atmosphere, we’ll explore a diverse array of techniques to attune to our unique frequencies, release stress, and empower the holding of space.

Singing Circles. I organize singing circles in a variety of forms and formations. We play chantings, rainbow songs, and mantras, which feature easy-to-follow repetitive lyrics for every soul to enjoy and explore. These circles create a communal space where voices blend in harmony, fostering unity and shared expression.

Join me in this musical exploration, where every note and every beat is an invitation to connect, heal, and celebrate the beauty of our shared human experience. Together, we can unlock the transformative power of music and create moments of profound connection and joy.